Q: Who Are Housing Choice Voucher Holders?
A: New Admission: This family was selected from the waiting list and is using their voucher for the first time
A: Transfer/Move: This family is already receiving rental assistance on the program but wants to take their rental assistance and move into another rental unit within our jurisdiction.
A: Portability: This family was issued a voucher from one PHA but wants to use it in another PHA jurisdiction.

Q: How Tenant’s Rental Assistance Is Calculated
The rental assistance amount and family share of the rent for families is different with each family because of the following factors:
Family Income
Voucher Size
Utility Allowance
Contract and Gross Rent for the Unit
Payment Standard

Q: Continuing Assistance
A: Family circumstances may change throughout the period between annual reexaminations.
A: HAC require participants to report changes in income, expenses, household composition, and student status in writing within 10 business days of the effective date of the change.
A: The change in circumstance may result in a change to the rental calculation and the tenant portion of rent and the housing authority portion of rent.